Welcome on the Cherry BX2 Homepage!

Experience, links and licence regarding aircraft-homebuilding of an Cherry BX-2.

Purchase your license for the Cherry BX-2 right here!

The price for a license including drawings and building instructions (digital via Dropbox or DVD) and the a. m. service is  595 €. The “Cherry BX-2” is an outstanding and economical design with a perfect surrounding view.


This economical home-built plane is distinguished by the following details:

+   Light-engine plane, 2 seats next to each other with a surrounding (360°) view.
+  Composite with wood, Styrofoam, Fiberglas and Epoxy-resin.
+  Quickly removable wings (transport on a trailer saves hangar costs).
+  Retractable landing gear with a controlled nose wheel.
+  Differential flaps, movement includes ailerons in a reduced rate.
+  Vertical stabilator with anti-servo-flap.
+  Rudder is cable-controlled, stabilator and ailerons are controlled by push-rods.
+  Usable load up to app. 280 kg (depending on equipment and empty weight).
+  Cruise speed app. 127 kts (235 km/h) depending on the engine of your choice.